Can a cell phone use an external camera?

2018-04-24 14:13:54 Admin


What is an external camera lens? What's the effect of adding an external lens? The phone lens, in fact, is installed on the original lens of an external device. By adding different features of the phone lens, it can make up for the shortage of the original lens of the phone and the focus distance, and make the ideal work. Phones, is to emphasize the outer lens can't change your mobile phone pixels, you use mobile phone 12 million pixels of the outer lens, patted or 12 million pixels of the image, using 16 million pixels or 16 million.

There are always two opinions on whether to "take a shot" : one is that the original lens of the phone is already working well enough. One view is that the external lens of the mobile phone is an assistant to the original lens, which can be added to make the mobile phone take more space and draw more extensive materials.

A few years ago, the cellphone camera was very rough, and the materials were very poor because of the immature technology. The people who bought it were only treated as a "toy". With the development of these two years, the technology of many brands and manufacturers in China is slowly accumulating and growing, and the lens of market is becoming more and more professional in workmanship, material and optical processing.

So, if you just love to take photos on your mobile phone and record your life, or you're looking for photography itself, you don't really need to buy a phone lens.

More about if you want to extend, or put down the SLR camera and then feel mobile phone on the focus and framing can't satisfy the need, is the advice you can buy 1-2 mobile phone camera to try.