How to choose the external lens of the phone?

2018-04-12 14:12:39 Admin

First of all, high - definition and wide - Angle micro - convergence. There are also single effects. Long coke, macro, wide Angle, fisheye and so on.

To say how to choose or to see your preferences, USES, and frequency of use. Just choose what works for you.

There are many kinds of phone lenses. What long coke, high definition, macro, wide Angle, fisheye, all sorts of brand all sorts of price have everything. Everything. The choice should be taken from the following aspects:

1. Use. If it is just a general photography lover, that is to say, it is more commonly used to choose long focus and micro - clustering.

2. If you replace professional camera work, you should choose a better one, such as high definition and wide Angle.

3, also depends on your own preference, buy oneself like not to regret.

4, also want to look at price theory to say to buy the quality is good, when the person also wants to buy the price reasonable.