The classification and brand ranking of external camera lens?

2018-04-04 14:10:00 Admin

The phone lens can be divided into four types: wide Angle, fisheye, long focus and micro distance.

1. Wide Angle is generally used for taking selfies, group photos and scenery. That is to say, if you need a group photo taken or larger scenery, scenery, camera of the phone itself is always can't hold all want to take things, this time can choose wide Angle lens.

2. Fish eyes are generally used in the shooting of cute, round scenes and prominent subjects. Such as the amphitheatre, the panorama of the square, the sky and so on. The shooting range of the fish-eye lens is great, which can make the perspective of the scene greatly exaggerated. The picture taken with fisheye lens is tall, broad and broad. The fish-eye lens, designed for the needs of astronomical photography, is now used to capture a wide range of panoramas or to obtain a special effect of imaginative power. The fisheye lens has a serious circular distortion, which can sometimes make the picture appear different. With fisheye lenses, it's very easy to get creative pictures. Fisheye lenses are usually not very expensive and can be photographed very wide. It is important to know the fisheye lens, know how to use it, and know its advantages and disadvantages.

3. Long focus lenses are generally used for long-term shooting and remote object amplification. The telephoto lens has a good effect on the vision and features, bringing the vision closer, highlighting the feature and setting the background to highlight the theme!

4. Macro lens is mainly used for close-up shooting, enlarging objects and observing details. Such as snow, eye, insect, plant and so on, equivalent to microscope function.